In 7 years, DMS Holland became leading stabilization provider

KERKDRIEL – Dynamic Marine Systems Holland has become a leading provider of stabilization systems for boats small and large, in only 7 years. Its latest product – the WaveMaster – is a small, stern-mounted system that prevents an anchored boat from rocking and rolling by keeping its bow pointing into the waves.

DMS Holland Sales Manager Patrick Noor says it is a “smart system that gives waves no chance of getting hold of either planing or displacement yachts from 10 to 25m in length.”

He adds the WaveMaster system is also easy on the wallet. “A built-in system,” says Noor, “will cost around €20,000 which is financially very attractive compared to rival  systems.”

The first WaveMaster has gone on a Cranchi 47 Mediterranee HT motor yacht in France. If the boat, at anchor, deviates 3 to 4 degrees from a preset heading, an electric stern thruster is activated to keep it pointing right.

Patrick Noor

At the heart of the WaveMaster is a dynamic positioning system whose GPS keeps the bow-to-the-waves. It also takes account of nearby boats and if there is a threat of a collision, the WaveMaster automatically intervenes to prevent that.

The launch of the WaveMaster underscores DMS Holland’s growing prominence as a provider of stabilization systems. Today, it sells to 30 Dutch shipyards. Sales outside the Netherlands – through marketing points in Turkey, Slovenia, Sweden, Singapore and New Zealand – total 250 systems to date.


DMS entered the market in 2013 with the Anti-Roll rotating fin system for fast,  >30m yachts. Next it launched its MagnusMaster system (<30m displacement yachts) which is today the company’s best seller. Next came the DMS Universal, a digital controller for existing systems that extends their lifespan. “It is a very new system. We have very high expectations of the DMS Universal,” says Noor.

The DMS Universal is equipped with a CAN bus system, a color ‘touch screen’ and comes packed with advanced stabilization algorithms. As demand for these new controllers now also comes for smaller vessels, DMS now markets 2 versions: Basis and Pro.

In 2021, DMS plans to market its AntiRoll All-In-One. It has a trim function and also works on a stationary boat, making for a truly multifunctional, all-in-one stabilizer that does not sacrifice performance in any mode.

Arnold van Aken

Noor and Arnold van Aken founded DMS Holland 7 years ago. Van Aken is the technical whiz behind the stabilizers. The importance of reducing roll movement cannot be overstated: it improves onboard comfort, reduces sea sickness, boosts safety and makes a boat more fuel-efficient.

Last November, DMS hired Lonne van den Kieboom (26) as a project/service engineer. A nautical college graduate, she joined after spending several years in the Dutch merchant marine as a 2nd helmsman and engine room manager.