In focus: Arend Lambrechtsen – A technical, rather than esthetic designer

SNEEK, February 2017 ~ Dutch yacht designer Arend Lambrechtsen likes things to be simple. “I’m more of a technical designer than an esthetic one,” he adds. His work ranges from row boats to work boats, from fast runabouts to classic, elegant sailing vessels.

Lambrechtsen delivers custom designs and build kits for wooden, aluminum or steel boats. From his boards, have come workhorses for Damen Shipyards. But also the Schylinger-22 aluminum sailboat. And the yawl-rigged Olin, a sailboat for shallow waters.

“I operate in 2 markets,” says Lambrechtsen. “Commercial shipping will always need new boats. And there will always be recreational boaters demanding a particular design.” Working alone means “you have direct contact with an owner. I meet all kinds of people. I make all kinds of designs. That’s important.”

A current project is the construction of a new Impala (photo), a classic 56ft Sparkman and Stephens yacht from 1954. It is being built based on the original drawings and will have a wood core hull. “I’m digitalizing Impala’s drawings,” says Lambrechtsen. “The hull is exactly like the original, but I have made adjustments in the interior.”

He works only on boats up to 20m as he does everything himself _ from initial design to construction drawings to piping. “It’s nice to share the work, but if I do it all myself it’s better,” he says. |

Corporate Snapshot

“Arend Lambrechtsen BV is an engineering bureau that handles all aspects of ship and yacht building design. From initial sketches to detailed, technical drawings. Clients include companies and individuals. Commissions range from row boats to race boats, from sail boats to motor-powered craft. Additionally, Lambrechtsen delivers build kits in wood, aluminum or steel.

Arend Lambrechtsen BV – Jan Kuipersweg 8 – 8606 KD Sneek, Netherlands +31 515 411244 or +31 650 510272 /