Capital City Cruiser - Euroship Services - photo Laurens van Zijp

HEEREWAARDEN – If you think you can, with some patience and professional help, put a boat together yourself, go see Euroship Services.

“We offer the shortest and easiest route to owning a perfect ship,” says yard owner Kees Cornelissen. Euroship Services designs and builds a vast range of boats and markets them in four ways:

  • pre-cut steel build kits for self-welding,
  • fully welded craft for you to complete,
  • sail-away boats leaving only the interior for you to finish or
  • a complete vessel that needs no help from you

Euroship Services says a DIY kit means the yard has taken much difficult, heavy work off your hands. All parts are cut to size, so you need not schlepp heavy steel plates or cut them with a pricey cutting torch or shears. Everyday hobby tools will suffice, says the yard.

For the less adventurous, Euroship Services markets anything from classic sailboats to tenders to cabin cruisers. It can make near-exact replicas of classic barges or design and build modern speedsters. It makes leisure marine and commercial vessels.

Grand Voyager 62

On a recent yard visit, this newsletter found the company working on a 20m Capital City cruiser (it gets hybrid propulsion) and a 19m Grand Voyager.

Up next: an 18.5m Greenwave electric freighter with a 4m beam. It will have a 25 kW electric motor, bow and stern thrusters and muscle to move 25 tons of cargo.

Green Wave – Euroship Services

The Greenwave is intended for urban waterborne transport. Glenn Cornelissen, the yard’s founder, says, “Every percent you can save with electric sailing makes a difference. If you have a more efficient hull, you can get by with a smaller battery.”

Interestingly, the Greenwave is a derivative of a log cabin boat the younger Cornelissen worked on when he joined the family-owned business some 23 years ago.

The original ‘log boat’ was an aluminum cat with an outboard. It unexpectedly attracted potential renters. Euroship Services runs a rental fleet of 23 pontoon-like Log Cabin boats today. They are monohulled craft by now and electrically propelled.