It’s morning again at Moonen! Yard sells 2nd Martinique in 2020  

‘S-HERTOGENBOSCH – In 2019, Moonen Yachts stared bankruptcy in the face. Today, it is the comeback kid of Dutch yacht building that has overcome several tumultuous years marked by a change of ownership.

Moonen just sold a 36.3m Martinique in Moonen’s Caribbean line.– the 2nd such sale in 2020. It put the superstructure on the hull in early October and will deliver the yacht to an American client, a repeat customer, on the US west coast in 2021.

Oct. 9, when the yard showed the yacht, “was a proud day for all involved,” says Moonen CEO Marianne Hendriks.

“Today was ‘launch day’ for Moonen Yachts’ 2nd Martinique, the 36m Kokoro.” In Japanese, Kokoro literally means “heart,” but the word carries shades of meaning. It can also mean uniting the heart, spirit, soul and mind.

With Moonen personnel looking on, Kokoro was lowered into the water at the Moonen yard.

It is morning again, at Moonen Yachts! The company has been building yachts of up to 55m since 1981. In recent years, it fell on hard times that led to bankruptcy in 2019 as financial troubles engulfed its then-owner, Mexican steel giant Altos Hornos de Mexico (AHMSA).

The yard was then purchased by Matthew and Louise Baxter of Australia. Matthew Baxter is the founder of AM Group, a global, privately-owned group of manufacturing companies.

Hendriks credits him with bringing stability to the yard and recommitting it to making semi-custom motor yachts in the 30m-50m bracket. “Matthew and Louise Baxter… are tirelessly committed to continue the enduring legacy of the Moonen brand,” says Hendriks.

Moonen is now working on a 3rd Martinique in Moonen’s Caribbean line.