SNEEK – If in the last half-century, you’ve built up a portfolio of more than 7,500 completed yacht projects, how hard is it to stay edgy and impressive? Not very if you are the Vripack yacht design and engineering studio.

Its latest project is the Jaktar-30, a smallish – only 9.69m (32ft.) – but rugged vessel developed for cruising in northern waters. Either alone or as a superyacht side boat.

Jaktar-30 by Vripack

Hand-built from marine-grade aluminum and extensively tested during production, it’s an ocean-going warhorse, says Vripack. It balances functional performance with elegant aesthetics.” The project brief called for a go-anywhere craft to serve as an expedition boat, fishing craft and family weekender.

The beam was limited to 2.55m so that the Jaktar-30 can be trailered to any coastline. The forefoot bow enables smooth, high-speed turns. The boat oozes Scandinavian minimalist chic, underpinned by Dutch design expertise.

“This compact explorer packs a powerful punch while cradling its guests in comfort and safety,” says Vripack Co-Creative Director Bart Bouwhuis. “Independent in its capability yet well-suited to complement a larger yacht set-up.”

He adds Vripack engineered the Jaktar-30 from scratch and “fully imagined it from the seabed up.” Its twin outboards jointly pack 600HP and achieve a top speed of 46 knots. The all-welded design affords a safe and stable experience in all conditions, from lake to river to ocean. The design boasts panoramic windows above its 90-degree sides.