Impressie van de nieuwe Bestevaer 36.

MAKKUM – KM Yachtbuilders is building a 36ft (11m) aluminum ‘Bestevaer’ sailing yacht in collaboration with Dutch naval architect Gerard Dykstra, designer of the distinctive brand made for short-handed, long-distance voyaging.

Gerard Dykstra

Dykstra, the founder of Amsterdam-based Dykstra Naval Architects, recently sold his 53ft Bestevaer II and was looking for a smaller version for sailing in shallower waters close to home. Dykstra designed the Bestevaer brand for exploring waters from the polar regions to the tropics. He preferred the former and has often been photographed in his 53ft Bestevaer II negotiating icy waters up north.

KM Yachtbuilders Director Eeuwe Kooi, whose yard builds Bestevaers, says the scaled-down Bestevaer will have a minimum draft of only 70cms (2.4ft) with a centerboard keel and folding, attached rudder. “We think there are more sailors interested in this design. The first one is for Gerard. Then we’ll take the design into production.”

53ft Bestevaer II

The Bestevaer yachts are exceptional craft. Dykstra designed them with a bare aluminum hull to prevent fouling and save weight. Bestevaers are known for their comfort, strength, and performance.

The Bestevaer II that Dykstra owned is a fast-cruising version of the original single-handed racer he designed in 1976. The 36ft version will have a deckhouse but down below offers a spatial effect by avoiding cubicles. Decks ooze user-friendliness.

The yacht will carry a Hoyt boom on the foredeck for the jib making cruising easier. The rudder is suspended and foldable to save cockpit space and for drying out. The boat has electric propulsion. Several battery packs can be connected, depending on the required sailing time. If necessary, a generator can serve as a backup.

The hull and the spars are made from 8mm recycled aluminum.

Dykstra founded his naval architects’ studio in 1969. It is currently led by CEO Thys Nikkels. The studio has been active in designing spars, and rigs and doing structural analysis. It developed the futuristic Dynarig and Aerorig concepts and worked on the redesign of classic J-class yachts. /