Lack of funds ends Dutch 2021 AC campaign

AMSTERDAM – Lack of funds has led a Dutch group to quit its campaign to join the 36th America’s Cup in New Zealand next year. It says it will now prepare for 37th edition.

The DutchSail Foundation said despite strong support from government, businesses and “many private individuals … it was financially unfeasible” to prepare for the 36th America’s Cup.

DutchSail missed sponsorship deadlines even though Team New Zealand, the AC defender, had granted it “late entry” status for the 2021 contest of 75ft foiling monohulls. That delayed deadline expired on July 1.

DutchSail had counted on marine sector companies to rise to the bait of developing sustainable sailing innovations that would benefit them and their industry.

DutchSail skipper and twice AC winner Simeon Simenon said he was “very disappointed. We will be working on the 37th edition!” DutchSail came up with a crowdfunding scheme for the 2021 event that was to raise at least €2.4 million.

DutchSail’s withdrawal from the 2021 AC leaves 5 entrants: Emirates Team New Zealand, Luna Rossa (Italy), American Magic and Stars and Stripes (both USA), INEOS Team UK. , Malta Altus Challenge withdrew on May 30.