Lady S sea-trialing. Photo Feadship

AMSTERDAM _ In April, Feadship carried out sea trials with its latest project _ 93m (305ft) Lady S.

Photo: Feadship

En route to the North Sea, tug boats nudged Lady S through a very Dutch landscape of 17 bridges, aqueducts, locks, windmills and canal-laced towns. At times, with only centimeters _ centimeters! _ to spare between the hull and hard walls! “Fingers and toes, folks!”

It took Feadship 3.5 days to complete the 70 km (45mi) trip. This spring, the custom builder will officially open its 4th build hall in the Port of Amsterdam where it can build to 160m (525ft.) From there, it is only 25kms (15.5 mi) down a broad, deep seaway linking Amsterdam to the North Sea.

Photo: Feadship

Feadship’s video of Lady S underscores 2 points: To stay a large-yacht market leader, it needs more elbow room for build and refit projects.

And it needs access to qualified build staff. Which explains the recruitment pitch at the end of the video by Feadship Social Content Creator Suzanne de Haan. “Think you’d like to work for Feadship?,” she asks. “Take a look to see if there’s anything to do for you!”

Feadship is flying high in 2019, the company’s 70th anniversary year. In addition to the Port of Amsterdam site, it is building a 2nd hall at its Makkum site in northern Holland. In 2018, Feadship reaped 4 Neptune trophies at the World Superyacht Awards, including the overall Motor Yacht of the Year award for 97m (318ft) Faith.