Linssen’s Grand Sturdy 40.0 named 2018 European Power Boat

DUSSELDORF _ Linssen Yachts’ Grand Sturdy 40.0 Sedan won the 2018 European Powerboat award at Boot Dusseldorf, crowning a recent overhaul of the series that, the jury said, has turned the GS 40.0 “the epitome of a comfortable power boat.”
It added, “A modern interior coupled with the virtues of classic steel boat construction are its outstanding features.”
“We are very happy with this award,” yard owner Yvonne Linssen told this newsletter at the boat show. “We worked hard on the overhaul of the Grand Sturdy series by incorporating and reorganizing features dear to our clients. We are not interested in making flashy new designs. We have always made timeless boats and continue to do so.” Grand Sturdies come in half a dozen models from 35 to 50 feet with a riot of options.
In 2018, the yard expects to build 82 steel-hulled displacement craft. Forty percent find German clients. Linssens are also popular in Belgium, France, Britain, Switzerland, Ireland and Scandinavia.
Linssen Yachts turns 70 next year. The company is wary of tweaking models. In recent years it has invested significantly in a highly automated production hall and in more onboard comfort such as improved heating, more ergonomically placed cabinets, smartly hidden TV screens, a flip-down flybridge top and more luxurious sleeping cabins.
This has not gone unnoticed. “It is the combination of all the many little practical details that distinguishes what is known (at Linssen Yachts) as the ‘Dot Zero’ series,” said the Boot Düsseldorf jury.