Het motorjacht op de voorgrond is het 250ste dat van de Logicam II-productielijn is gerold.

MAASBRACHT _ It was a tiny step for man, but a big one for Linssen Yachts.  In 2005, it introduced an in-house-designed serial production system that has made the Dutch yard a market leader in steel displacement motor yachts from 9 to 15 meters (30 to 49ft.).

“The system improved our efficiency enormously,” Paul Beelen, head of marketing, tells DutchYachtBuilding. “Back in 2003, 2004, the question staring us in the face was: ‘how can we continue to build boats in the Netherlands, efficiently’? Or should we perhaps shift production to Poland? Or Hungary?”

Linssen answered that question that by designing its own Logistics and Computer-Aided Manufacturing production system. Over the years, it has refined and upgraded the system.

Today, Linssen Yachts runs 3 Logicam lines (for craft to 35ft., between 40 to 45ft. and above 45ft.). The company manufactures an average of 5 yachts a day in its 45,000 sq. m. (484,376 sq. ft.) yard in southern Holland and has 30 to 35 yachts in build at any time. Recently, its Logicam II line delivered its 250th Linssen Yachts, a Grand Sturdy 45.

The system lets the company build yacht, from the bare hull up and with a great variety of options and interiors. The Logicam’s smart rail-and-cradle system shifts yachts through the production hall. They spend however long it takes at one build station before moving on to the next. Beelen says the Logicam’s modular build system guarantees a high product quality and finishing.