LELYSTAD _ The recent HISWA in-Water Boat Show in this central Dutch town displayed some 300 sail and motor boats. To boat show veterans, by and large, fairly predictable designs. Except, of course, for that aluminum-hulled 10m Load Master at the D04 mooring. A remarkable craft that defies an accurate description.

“Load Master is the brand name,” Marika Padmos, head of Load Master marketing, tells Dutch Yacht Building. “We call it a modular concept boat. It is definitely not a single-purpose boat. It targets many different market segments, including recreational boating.”

The Load Master is most recognizable as a work boat. It is a roomy, aluminum work horse that is a godsend to anyone who needs to move stuff from A to B. In the recreational boating business, the Load Master could transport SUP, diving and wind surfing enthusiasts and their gear. A sailing school might use it to tow its boats out onto open waters. Marinas and superyachts could use it to ferry crews and staff around.

“We gave our demo boat its premier showing at the HISWA in-Water Boat Show in September,” says Padmos. “We went into that show with no fixed expectations. Just curious to see what sort of feedback we’d get. And from who.”

Well, sightseeing companies, for one. “We had people inquire about the Load Master’s use to ferry tourists around the canals of the Netherlands,” says Padmos.

The Load Master can be delivered with electric, diesel or hybrid engines. A diesel engine would typically pack 63HP. The 10m (33ft.) boat has a beam of 3.2m (10.5ft.) and weighs 3,000 kilos (6,600lbs). The hull components are CNC-cut and grinded. Structures like the engine bed, holds and below-deck accommodation are pre-designed.

The bare hull is made and finished in the Netherlands. Only the demo boat has been built, but Load Master has drawings for 12 and 15m versions. “The boat can be highly customized. We can install benches,” says Padmos. “Or a spud pole that can then also be used for a crane or a mast.”

Load Master’s core business is marine engines. The design of its demo boat stems from conversations the company had with off-shore sector clients inquiring about transport craft.