LR certifies Vetus’ patented Navidurin polymer blend

SCHIEDAM – Lloyds Register has certified that Navidurin, a patented high-performance, blended composite of Vetus, complies with the international quality standards of LR Rules.

LR’s type approval confirms the high quality of the polymer that Vetus has incorporated in multiple products around the engine. Navidurin offers critical benefits compared to conventional polymers for recreational, commercial, and military applications.

Vetus R&D Director Arthur Roeling said LR’s certification was “an endorsement of great significance for our customers and partners in both the recreational and commercial sectors.”

The exclusive Vetus blend contains additives that render unique properties such as durability, high resistance to extreme heat and pressure, and superior tensile and flexural strength.

“This recognition from the industry specialists in marine classification proves that Navidurin stands out (and) provides additional confidence for our suppliers,” said Roeling. “Official approval indicating our products surpass international rules and standards ensures the VETUS brand can be trusted worldwide.”

Vetus Water lock made of Navidurin
Vetus Water Lock made of Navidurin

Vetus uses Navidurin in various products such as exhaust systems, water locks and strainers for recreational and commercial vessels. The blend is ideal for use in products for thermal applications and precision-engineered products.

Lloyd’s Register is a global professional services company specializing in engineering and technology for the maritime industry. As the world’s original marine classification society, it was founded more than 260 years ago to improve the safety of ships.

Founded in 1964, Vetus designs and manufactures onboard boat systems, including engines, generators, thrusters, and control panels for recreational and small commercial vessels. Vetus is based in the Netherlands and has subsidiaries in 17 countries and a global distribution and service network.