M2MBlue delivers VOR’s high seas drama

ENSCHEDE – There is no Volvo Ocean Race if no one can hear, read, see, or listen to, the story of a crew’s pain, exhilaration and heroism. Put another way: there is no Volvo Ocean Race without companies like M2MBlue.

The Dutch specialist in global communications manages mobile networks, electronic devices and Wi-Fi environments. In the 2017-28 VOR, it kept Team Brunel and its crew online _ daily and everywhere _ as the it raced around the globe, finishing 3rd in The Hague on June 24.

The last VOR was M2Mblue’s first foray into the world of sailing. It equipped Team Brunel with mobile, CloudSIM-enabled WiFi routers that provided internet access. The routers delivered 4G LTE speed to as many as 10 WiFi devices like tablets, smartphones and laptops. M2MBlue ensures smart and fast data connections through data services that connect devices, machines, vessels, vehicles and systems. Connectivity is secured via 3G/4G, LTE, satellite and Sigfox, the French maker of wireless networks for low-power objects _ smartwatches, for instance _ that emit small, but continues amounts of data.

Founded in 2015, M2MBlue’s natural habitat is the Internet of Things _ computing devices embedded in everyday objects. It is a fast-growing habitat. The need for speedy data and quality bandwidth is especially crucial for owners of superyachts, charterers and brokers. M2MBlue supplies high-volume connectivity and develops products based on smart and hybrid roaming. By combining large volumes, it says it can reduce costs considerably. For instance, it can manage SIM cards from many operators via a single portal and generate a single invoice.