Meet some Dutch builders at Boot Düsseldorf

Dutch builders always show up at the world’s largest boat show in impressive numbers. Here’s a short list of them that will show up at the 2020 edition of Boot Düsseldorf.

KM Yacht builders (Hall 7A / D02) will not show a boat this year, but don’t take that the wrong way. The Dutch aluminum specialist – and builder of all-weather sailing yachts – looks to 2020 with great anticipation.

Bestevaer 53 motor yacht

It will deliver the first Bestevaer 53 motor yacht SUV (Sports Utility Vessel) that is built to go anywhere: the fjords of Norway, for instance. Or just relaxing anywhere.
For 20 years, KM Yachtbuilders has been building 40 to 100 ft aluminum sailing yachts. The introduction of a Dykstra Naval Architects-designed motor yacht shows the company is adapting to the changes in watersports.

Linssen Yachts (Hall 1, B05) will show 4 Grand Sturdys (35.0 and 40.0 AC; 45.0 Sedan and 500 AC Variotop). It will also have a world premiere: the Linssen 30 SL Sedan. On Saturday Jan. 18 (4 to 6pm) Linssen will host a special presentation.

Impressie van de nieuwe

Saffier Yachts (Hall 17, C21) says that “after months of hard work” it managed to get its newest model – the Saffier Se 27 Leisure – ready for Duesseldorf. With her special color and new features for a 27-footer, the yacht will appear fully rigged at Duesseldorf.
The newest Saffier comes with a promise of speed, safety and ease of handling. The helmsman has all lines and 2 winches within easy reach. The yard gave it a lead bulb keel, a vacuum-built hull and deck and a 4.0kW Torqueedo electric motor.

Contest Yachts (Hall 16/C54) has a world premiere: the 55CS, a 17m performance blue-water cruiser from German designers judel/vrolijk & co. It has carbon fiber in key structural elements, new interior styling and panoramic rear view window in the master suite’s aft bulkhead. Also, on display: the 42CS, the European Yacht of the Year 2014.

Vanquish Yachts (Hall 5/D20.2) makes fast motor yachts in vast range of models. At Düsseldorf, it shows the VQ45 and VQ16. The 13.45m VQ45 is a good example of how VQ yachts grow in size and distinction as the yard meets the design demands of its clients. It has a swimming platform that’s lower than that of the VQ43 Mk2s. The 5m VQ16 is the company’s ‘fun machine,’ a crossover between superyacht tender and a water scooter that can handle 6 people.

Van den Hoven Jachtbouw (Hall 7A / C11) will tell you all about its 4th Executive 1500 Mk2 motor yacht. The yacht is available for sale immediately. And the yard’s 1700 Mk2 which will be ready to sail this summer. It has a new aluminum Voyager 61 in build.

Steeler Yachts (Hall 5 / C43) shows off its 52S Performance, the first model in that series. It is a fast, aluminum motor yacht with a CE-A ocean certification. Yet, the yacht is suited for the French canals as it has a vertical clearance of 3.15m and a draft of 1.20m. The 52 S Performance is a luxury cruising vessel with 2 cabins and 2 bathrooms. Or just 2 suites.