Menken Maritiem adds Flyer-33 daysailer to its portfolio

TER AAR _ Menken Maritiem has acquired Flyer Yachts of the Netherlands, adding a 10.10m (33ft) daysailer to its portfolio of half a dozen dayboats and Dutchess-branded cabin cruisers of up to 15m. The acquisition was announced at the 2019 HISWA Amsterdam Boat Show.

Bernard Menken

The first Dykstra-designed Flyer-33 was built in 2013, but production stopped in 2016 after the sudden death of Flyer Yachts founder and champion racer Rutger Mohr. Menken Maritiem owner Bernard Menken acquired the rights to the Flyer-33 from Mohr’s widow.

Menken craft are built at Neil Fernando & Co. (Pvt.) Ltd. in Sri Lanka. It is South Asia’s largest fiberglass boat maker  that has delivered some 40,000 recreational and commercial craft worldwide since 1996. “Neil Fernando delivers quality,” says Menken. “It builds ISO-certified yachts. “We’ll build 5 Flyer-33s there that will be ready for delivery in 2020.”

Menken says the Flyer-33 is fully compatible with his client base. “It is a yacht for people who have money for a beautiful sailboat and who want to sail in comfort. The Flyer has a thumbs-up effect. It makes the difference between having fun on a boat and being happy with a boat.”

The Flyer 33 is a slender daysailer with a plumb bow, a classic stern and a gracious, low freeboard.