METSTRADE Connect: 4,700+ visitors, 1 unique design award

AMSTERDAM – Over 4,700 professionals from 23 countries. A modest gate for a global marine equipment trade show that in normal years attracts well over 20,000 visitors. But the 2020 METSTRADE Show was an extraordinary event, reduced to a one-day, online happening by the coronavirus pandemic.

Still, the virtual METSTRADE Connect show on Dec. 10 did not disappoint organizers.

METSTRADE Connect, featuring 12 online sessions with 55 speakers, recorded more than 1,500 connections between visitors, sponsors and speakers. More than 1,800 attendees viewed the plenary ‘State of the Industry’ session.

Most visitors came from the Netherlands, Italy, the UK, the US and Germany. Visitors from 23 countries watched one or more videos, with an average viewing time of over 14 minutes per video. The post-show reactions were positive. A sampling:

– “Very professionally executed and well organized, with many features that were not available on other virtual platforms, and without apparent technical hiccups.”

– “The layout of the studio and the technical solution worked very well, very professional. The live chat function next to the screen gave the feeling of being part of something together.”

– “Heard different perspectives on industry trends. Connected with like-minded people in different parts of the world.”

METSTRADE’s Director Niels Klarenbeek was pleased that despite the difficult circumstances, a way was found to make a virtual connection. “This was possible by offering knowledge sessions in combination with an intelligent networking platform. We strongly believe in the power of meeting in person, and we look forward to hosting a physical show in 2021. The dates: 16-18 November.

Yacht Designer André Hoek, Chairman of the DAME award jury, presented the only design award. The winner of the ‘DAME R&D Excellence in Adversity Award,’ chosen from 47 entries, was the French TEMO 450 electric outboard.

The jury said it offered a new perspective on electric outboard design. Hoek: “The TEMO 450 (photo) is absolutely new, something none of the judges had ever seen before. A lot of research and development work was involved, which was our focus for this year’s special award. The TEMO is modern but refers to longtails, those long-tail motors that are common in Asia. A truly unique product.”

The TEMO weighs less than five kilograms and has a 450-watt brushless electric motor with 200 watts of propulsion power. The telescopic tail can be adjusted in length between 1.3 and 1.7m (4.3 and 5.6 ft). The tail contains a 290 watts lithium-ion battery that can be used for 80 minutes. Applications include small sailing boats, fishing boats and dinghies.