Nemo Sub, words smallest private submersible

BREDA – Submarine maker U-Boat Worx has won a Red Dot Award for the design of the Nemo, the Dutch company’s smallest and lightest submersible that joined its fleet this year. The award for design excellence was granted in the ‘Mobility and Transportation.’ Category.

The international Red Dot Design competition (4,170 entries, 52 countries) targets those who seek to distinguish their business activities through design.

The Nemo is the smallest and lightest submersible ever produced. Built to explore the deep sea in air-conditioned comfort, it can safely dive to 100m to explore shipwrecks, reefs or the underwater marine environment.

This year, Nemo joined U-Boat Worx’ C-Researcher, C-Explorer and Super Yacht Sub series. Of these three models, U-Boat Worx sells “an average of three to four a year. The company’s largest client is the cruise market. Right now, it is filling 10 orders of cruise liner subs. Recently, the company moved into a much larger production facility in the southern Dutch town of Breda.

U-Boat Worx has in the past decade become a market leader in luxury submarines.

“Winning a Red Dot Design Award, as well as being awarded “Best of the Best” in its category, is a crowning achievement for our company,” said U-Boat Worx founder and chairman.

“It reinforces to our clients that our designs are world-class. Our sub owners are not only first to explore unseen sites with the most capable and robust submersible ever built, but also doing so in style.”

The Nemo is the only production line submarine in the world, while Most of U-Boat Worx submarines are built-to-order. It retails for €975,000 (ex. VAT).