New North-Line Yachts flagship – Yard extends line of rugged yachts

HARLINGEN _ Visit Harlingen and you’ll know why North-Line Yachts here makes non-nonsense, all-weather yachts. Facing the open sea, this northern Dutch town gets all sorts of weather. The yard just unveiled its latest and largest vessel: the 15.9m North-Line 50, a very seaworthy craft with a tough appearance.

It boasts a sophisticated interior, however, in classic and modern styling and the latest technologies. With a CE category A classification, the semi-custom, polyester North-Line 50 can handle a restless sea. Its design is by Arthur Mursell of TT Boat Designs, a company known for the famous Nelson motor vessels. North-Line Yachts is versatile. It has a special unit that builds pilot boats, crew tenders and workboats of up to 60ft. All are custom-built to the specifications of the client.

The semi-displacement North-Line 50 is a motor yacht built for speed and fuel-efficiency. It can be equipped with twin engines ranging from 370 to 900HP to achieve a top speed of up to 29 knots. The North-Line 50 has 3 cabins with 6 berths, a large sliding wheelhouse roof and a draft of 1.28m. The yard says it can also build a 60ft. version.