New sustainable energy solutions from WhisperPower

DRACHTEN _ To meet rising demand for sustainable energy solutions, WhisperPower is launching new solar panels and charge regulators made in Europe.

_ The WhisperSolar 185 Wp All-Black solar panel maintains battery levels when shore, grid or generator power is unavailable. It delivers between 700 and 900 Wh per day, enough for a small fridge, lights, water pump or electronic devices. The WhisperSolar 185 Wp is a black solar panel in an anodized aluminum double-walled frame. It is impact-resistant, stiff and comes with a 20-year guarantee. Several panels can be run in parallel or in series for connection to a 12, 24 or 48 VDC battery.

_ The WP Suntrack Pro 80 MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) is a charge regulator between the panel and the battery. It optimizes the panel’s output by continuously adapting the voltage to changing sunlight and temperature conditions. A maximum of 6,185 Wp panels can be connected simultaneously to the WP Suntrack 80.

_ The WhisperSolar Flex 100 TC and the WhisperSolar Flex 108 FC are thin, flexible panels with a capacity of 104 and 108 Wp, respectively. They are waterproof, resistant to salt water, light-weight and can be walked on.