New VETUS diesel generator sets: high performance, low noise

SCHIEDAM – VETUS has unveiled its complete new range of marine diesel generator sets from 5 up to 24 kVA. These new GX generator sets are available in 50 and 60 Hertz, reliable, easy to maintain and exceptionally quiet.

The range includes six different models ranging from 5 kVA up to 24 kVA. Almost all generator sets can be supplied with or without a compact sound-proof box, except the 5 kVA one. That model is only available including a soundproof box.

The VETUS GX range features exceptionally quiet generator sets that operate at fixed engine speeds. Low speed (1500 rpm) generator sets are ideal for the commercial sector, for prolonged-usage applications and on live-aboard vessels, due to their reduced wear rates and lower noise levels. For their part, the high speed (3000 rpm) generator sets are more suited for leisure applications and for installation in tight spaces, due to their compact dimensions and lower weight.

M-Line engines

All base engines are carefully selected for power output and fuel economy, depending on the speed and output of the generator. Marinized in-house, the VETUS marine diesel engines feature benefits, unique to the market. For instance, the VETUS M-Line engines have a cast aluminum top cover on sets from 6 to 14 kVA to reduce heat and noise.

High ambient temperatures in the sound enclosure can negatively impact engine performance. The innovative and efficient water-cooled aluminum engine cover was developed by VETUS to reduce these detrimental effects.

Located directly above the cylinder head, this huge cooling element absorbs radiant heat coming from the engine and results in a temperature reduction of up to 20% and improved generator performance.

The VETUS M-Lime diesel engines have been developed to meet future market demand. The cast aluminum cover leads to a temperature reduction of up to 15°C and achieves ‘near silent’ operation at a cruising speed of around 2200 rpm. Finally, the water-cooled top cover serves as a step site, making it easier to move around the engine.