New Vetus site underscores upgrade of company-wide digital branding

SCHIEDAM – Vetus, the Dutch developer and maker of boat systems, has revamped its website to improve online services to customers. The new site is part of a company-wide “unified branding refresh.”

The new site brims with concise content and features a user-friendly redesign for quick, straightforward navigation, browsing and searching. It showcases Vetus’ capabilities and knowledge as an innovator for complete marine product systems. The site also has a new webshop and service center.

The company says the purpose of the overhaul was to provide fresh insight into the Vetus brand as part of updates to its entire online profile. It said it responds “to the continued growth in internet traffic accelerated by the pandemic and the reduction in boat show attendance.”

Vetus' E-Drives
Vetus’ E-Drives

Vetus makes a dozen marine systems – from engines, electric propulsion, and generators to anchoring and mooring products, thrusters, and control panels.

It also markets a line of electric engines, known as the plug-and-play Vetus E-drives. The company is based in the Netherlands, with subsidiaries in 17 countries. “The new website represents a genuine progression for our clients and ourselves,” says Vetus Marketing Director Sander Gesink.

“It gives us the opportunity to better serve our customer base with an enhanced user experience and more relevant information in one convenient location. We want people to understand that Vetus is a global innovation company. Where the old site largely acted as a product inventory, the new design showcases the Vetus brand to its best advantage.”

Vetus has considerable industry knowledge to help customers find the solution to their issues, fast and efficiently. Its service center provides access to a range of resources, including brochures, product and technical information, videos, imagery, 3D drawings and price lists.

The new webshop contains more than 4,000 products and thousands of spare parts. It also shows customers their transaction details, such as order history and invoices. B2B customers can buy directly from the webshop. End users can fill out their shopping cards and contact a local dealer to complete the actual purchase.

“The new website,” said Gesink, “will be an emblematic example of a leading-edge approach whereby the site, our social media feeds, our presence at boat shows and our profile in print will all benefit from a unified, forward-thinking look and feel.”