New VETUS wastewater connectors

SCHIEDAM – Vetus, the Netherlands-based developer and manufacturer of boating products, brings new flexibility to wastewater systems with plug-and-play 3-way valves (type Y3V), Y-connectors (Y3C) and non-return valves (YNRE) as well as 19-to-38mm hose connectors (YPA).

Onboard wastewater and purification systems are drawing growing attention from policy makers worldwide in their bid to prevent the discharge of unfiltered toilet water into surface water. Vetus’ latest line-up lets boaters connect or expand their wastewater systems to comply with current or future legislation.

The 3-way valve and Y-connector make it possible to have as many connections as are needed. The non-return duck bill valve keeps dirty water from flowing back. The Y-connector is fully rotatable and must be ordered separately to make sure it fits on existing hoses. Made of high-quality plastic, these products are strong and durable.

Hose connectors are sold per piece or per set of 2. The 3-way valve (photo) is ready to accept locks for holding the valve in one position in case marinas require wastewater to be directed to the tank instead of discharged overboard.

Both the 3-way valve and the Y-connector come equipped with a bracket for easy mounting on wall or floor.

All VETUS boat equipment products come with a 3-year warranty which reflects Vetus’ long experience, choice of materials and quality controls.