Newcomer vows to “shake up” Dutch sector

BURGERVEEN – Sichterman Yachts is a newcomer to the packed field of Dutch motor yacht builders, appearing on the scene amid a burst of marketing hoopla that puts the bar high. Boasting a pedigree of craftsmanship, “smart design and super yacht technology,” Sichterman calls itself “an innovative company which will shake up the yacht industry.”

Sichterman plans to develop a fleet of 6 striking, high end motor yachts from 15 to 26m (50 to 85ft) that come off the boards of Dutch designer Cor de Rover. They will sport a Hull Vane and Fast Displacement Hull Form _ 2 fuel-saving patents of Van Oossanen Naval Architects.

CEO Bart Rehe of Sichterman Yachts says the Hull Vane “provides a very tangible, added value in efficiency and comfort. By specifying the Hull Vane as a standard component, we can offer a cleanly integrated solution.” Two Hull Vanes have already been built for Sichterman.

The Hull Vane is an underwater foil beneath the transom. Niels Moerke of Hull Vane BV says it generates fewer waves, a longer cruising speed range and lower fuel use. Its lift force makes a yacht sail even-keel at all speeds. “A CFD analysis in head waves on the 17.6m (58ft) Sichterman has shown that pitching will be cut by about 15%, making the boat feel like it has a ‘softer suspension’,” he adds.

The Hull Vane is the brainchild of naval architect Peter van Oossanen. Since 2014, Hull Vane BV has been operating globally. The HUll CVane goes on both yachts and commercial craft. “The Hull Vane-FDHF combination,” says Van Moerke, makes Sichterman yachts “among the most frugal and comfortable boats in the industry.”

Sichterman’s sea-worthy yachts _ Jan Albert Sichterman was an 18th century Dutch East India trader _ are built at Workumer Jachtservice, a yard that makes traditional and modern yachts.