Next up: faster Van den Hoven yachts

WASPIK _ Van den Hoven Jachtbouw, maker of quality steel-hulled motor yachts, is developing a series of aluminum craft for clients keen to faster and farther. It reeled in designer and naval architect Rene van der Velden to draw fast displacement yachts of 15 to 24m (49.2 to 79ft.) The first is to be launched in 2020.

Bart van den Hoven tells Dutch Yachtbuilding he began thinking about aluminum yachts doing up to 24 knots a few years ago. Accelerating matters was a 2017 meeting with yachting media types from Italy, Spain and Norway. “They were impressed by the quality of our yachts,” says Van den Hoven. But they ended on a sobering note, adding, “Bart, there is no way you can sell your yachts in our countries. They are just too slow!”

He makes 3 or 4 high-end steel cruisers of up to 21m (69ft.) a year that are sold mostly in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. That’s a region easily covered by a full-displacement yacht doing 10 knots. That market has always been good to Van den Hoven “but elsewhere distances are longer,” he says.

“Like between the Norwegian fjords. Or the Greek islands. Or across the Med. Our clients are graying. New clients are busy and they want to go fast. That’s our new market.”

Van den Hoven initially planned to build an aluminum series of 18 to 24m, yachts with 3 cabins, a crew cabin, 3 wet cells and an optional flybridge. But existing clients began inquiring about a shorter length so Van den Hoven also developed a 15m yacht. “We’ll likely end up with a an aluminum series of 15, 18.5, 21 and 24m, (49.2, 61, 69 and 79ft.),” he adds.

He says his fast-displacement aluminum yachts will mirror the high-end quality of his steel yachts, like the 18.5m (61ft.) Executive shown here.

“We build high quality, value-for-moneyyachts,” says Van den Hoven. “We start with a top quality hull, use stainless steel throughout, build a high-tech engine room and superior finishing of the interior spaces,”