NLP3: VETUS’ 3-Chamber waterlock

SCHIEDAM _ VETUS, the internationally operating Dutch marine products developer, manufacturer and trading company, says it markets the quietest waterlock/muffler in the world.

The company’s NLP3 waterlock achieves a 10 dB extra sound attenuation compared with 2-chamber systems. The 3-chamber NLP3 also has rotatable chambers and is available in different sizes for hose connections of Ø 40, 45, 50, 60, 75 en 90 mm.

VETUS says the development of the NLP3 was no rush job. It carried out did extensive software simulations and used its 3D-printer to make a waterlock model. “Using software simulations,” says VETUS Product Manager Patrick van Os, “we can predict how the waterlock might react to certain situations.”

VETUS said it followed up its software simulations with a lot of real-world testing.
As is standard at VETUS, the NLP3 waterlock comes with a 3-year guarantee.