Impressie van de Domani X26.

DRACHTEN – It is hard to find a boat builder more committed to sustainable sailing than Michael Goddaert, the Belgian founder of the Netherlands-based Domani Yachts. He makes sailing and electric-power yachts of around 10m that stand out for their sportiness, speed, luxury and design.

Domani Yachts positively breathe Goddaert’s ‘less is more, free time is precious’ ethos. That translates into green, minimal-design, easy-to-transport boats with relatively few components (read: less maintenance). “It’s about unplugging shore power and sailing in minutes,” says Goddaert.

His sailing boats come in 2 versions: the 9m Domani S30 Club (photo) and Sportyacht and the 9.8m Domani S32 Lounge. They can be ordered in a chic Velocità (or Speed) version. His three, 9.8m Domani powerboats are sleek, electrically propelled craft in Targa, Lounge and Chaseboat versions.

The Domani E32 is the world’s most efficient and quiet Chase boat, built for ultimate range, speed and zero-emission. Its engine is a 50kW High Voltage Direct drive. “We aim at hearing only the bow wave when cruising at 10 knots,” says Goddaert. The E32 cruises efficiently from 7 to 12kts and has a top speed of 20kts.

The Domani E32 has a Sandwich E-glass hull made of a vacuum-infused, epoxy resin with PVC core.

The latest addition to the Domani fleet is the X26, an electric ‘Sports Utility Yacht’ or SUY. (Top photo). It has ample seating and comfort. Behind the central steering position, is an outdoor kitchen block with an integrated Cobb barbecue or a 220V grill. The swimming platform holds two fold-out sunbeds. The deck is covered with soft MarineMat, so you don’t walk on hot aluminum.

The SUY has a canopy packed with solar panels that feed power to the engine hooked to a swiveling pod. Steering is feather-light thanks to in-house developed steer-by-wire technology. The choice was made for the largest possible action radius, not for high speed. The battery bank is therefore light. The Domani X26 has a cruising speed of 5 to 10 knots, a top of 15 knots.

The hull is designed for maximum range and efficiency, so no V-hull, but a sleek underwater hull with slender lines that create little wake. The hull is built from 30% recycled aluminum and can be recycled itself. A tent can be deployed around the roof for onboard overnighting. The roof can also be used to carry bicycles, surfboards or canoes.