HARLINGEN – You won’t find Sipko van Sluis showing off his muscled North-Line Yachts _ descendants of the famous Nelson motor yachts _ at the 2019 Boot Duesseldorf. The yard’s CEO says he has more important things to do.

North-Line 42

“During the Duesseldorf Boat Show, I’ll be on a North-Line-42 heading south to Gibraltar, then around Spain and up the Mediterranean to Barcelona. Just to show the world what a modestly sized boat like a North-Line can do this.” Van Sluis has been here before. In 2016, he sailed a North-Line 42 to Greenland via Reykjavik. “We did that crossing in 60 hours.”

All North-Lines are extremely comfortable, sturdy craft, built to take a licking. You would expect nothing less of a man who makes boats on the Netherlands’ north shore where the weather can be very unforgiving.

Kuster Yacht

In 2015, North-Line Yachts bought Kuster Yachts, also no-nonsense, steel-hulled craft meeting all CE classification requirements. It comes in 6 models – 9.5 to 15.5m (31 to 48 ft.). Also, North-Line Yachts has a unit _ North-Line Workboats _ that makes pilot boats, crew tenders and workboats (25 to 60ft. /8 to 18m.) for commercial operators.

Unlike many Dutch yacht builders, North-Line Yachts claims no pedigree stretching back a century. It was founded only in 1976 as a company doing interior wood projects for yachts. In 2007, it made its first yacht _ the North-Line 37.

Today, it makes 8 North-Line models _ from 8 to 19m (26 to 62ft.) _ in composite material. They continue the tradition of Britain’s Nelson motor yachts, designed by TT Boat Designs Ltd. for a wide range of commercial and pleasure uses from 5.5 to 23m (8 to 75ft.). Like Nelsons, North-Line yachts boast superb sea keeping and have “’Gentleman’s Motor Yacht superstructures” and elegant, but very practical interiors.

North-Line yachts are popular with yachtsmen transferring from sail to power. “Almost all of our clients are former sailors,” Van Sluis tells this newsletter. “We make seaworthy, semi-displacement motor yachts.”