JOURE – To see the DNA of Dutch yacht building in action, come to this northern Dutch town where the De Jong boatyard is building a fast, 28ft open-cockpit luxury day boat. A special project built by an exceptional yard that calls itself “The birthing clinic of wooden boats since 1653.”

Its J28 will have an aluminum frame and underwater hull, and teak decks. The above-the-waterline hull and interior will be made from mahogany. The hull will consist of half-over-seam strakes, a modern version of a clinker-built vessel and is the “signature” of the boatyard that has built many iconic wooden tenders.

The design of the J-28 is the work of the venerable Vripack Design studio. In building the J28, the yard uses state-of-the-art laser cutting and welding technology. The boat will be launched in the spring.

Wood and aluminum make for a unique combination of building materials. The yard picked aluminum for its strength, durability and corrosion resistance.

Vripack is a passionate designer of very high-end yachts and does naval architecture and boat engineering. Its cooperation with Vripack goes back to the 1960s. By now, its portfolio boasts over 7,000 designs.

A 320HP Yanmar will power the J-28. The yard will soon build a 34ft version with a closed foreship and a covered steering position.

The idea for the J-28 was born in 2018. The yard aims to market an innovative,  new pleasure yacht that will be unique, fast and modern. “With the J-28, we continue to develop as a company. It’s a boyhood dream come true,” says the company’s Aaldert de Jonge. “To conceive and develop a fast-sailing, luxury pleasure yacht.”