Post-bankruptcy, Jetten Jachtbouw to build more premium

SNEEK – Jetten Jachtbouw, emerging from the bankruptcy of Jetten Yachting, says a new investor will enable it to build more premium motor yachts. Also, it plans to reel in an outside brand but divulged no details.

Jeannot Grim, who bought Jetten Yachting in 2017, has brought in the Oxbridge SE investment company which has appointed Francois Koopal as Jetten Jachtbouw managing director. “Oxbridge is an important partner for Jetten and made funding available for further development of the current range of yachts,” says a statement on the Jetten Shipyard website.

19m Jetten Beach 62 wheelhouse

Although ownership issues, of boats trapped in the bankruptcy aftermath, loom ahead, Grim gave Dutch Yacht Building an upbeat outlook. “The market has been in a wait-and-see mood,” he said. “But now that the curator is gone, we can get back to work again. Some employees stayed with us. We start small-scale, with 9 employees.”

Jetten Yachting failed due to underpricing. “It makes no sense to build a yacht at a very low price,” said Grim. “A high price is merited as a boat is an exclusive product, especially a fast aluminum yacht.”

He said Jetten Jachtbouw will focus on luxury steel boats up to 15m., fast aluminum yachts up to almost 30m. and full custom designs. Among the yachts being finished is an aluminum Jetten Beach 62 Wheelhouse that has a top speed of 21 knots.“It has already had its sea trials and comes with a Van Oossanen Fast Displacement Hull and a Hull Vane,” says Grim. “The yacht must generate publicity and sales, notably in Europe.”

Bankruptcy curator Christian Geffroy says 8 yachts were in build when Jetten Yachting failed. Some clients, he said, have paid for their yachts to be finished elsewhere. “That’s risky. If a judge rules these boats are part of the Jetten Yachting estate, those clients will lose their money.”