Royal Huisman, Dykstra in unique project that includes DynaRig #3

By Robert Wielaard

VOLLENHOVEN – Royal Huisman and Dykstra Naval Architects are jointly developing a “next-generation project” consisting of an 88m (289ft.) DynaRig super sailing yacht and its 70m (230ft) support vessel.

The 2 A-listers of the Dutch superyacht sector said in an initial news release their Lotus project “bridges the gap between the experience of sailing and the adventure of the motor yacht lifestyle.”

It added the combination of a multi-masted DynaRig sailing yacht and a “rugged support vessel” offers unbridled yachting freedom.

Royal Huisman and Dykstra are to provide fuller details at the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show. The design work is by ThirtyC Yacht Design.

Their announcement signals belated recognition for the DynaRig. The first appeared on the Maltese Falcon in 2006. Then, after a 12-year drought, the 2nd appeared on Black Pearl in 2018. The Lotus project will be DynaRig #3.

Maltese Falcon

Reluctance to the futuristic rig is surprising given its spectacular performance. The sails are furled into the mast. They are computer-trimmed and can be set in 7 minutes. The Black Pearl can do 21 knots. A DynaRig yacht has various propulsion options: sail, full diesel, diesel-electric. It can generate electricity by dragging the variable pitch propeller through the water

The DynaRig owes its origin to work done in Germany the 1960s and 1970s, but was never built. The large sail surface spooked commercial ship owners. But on superyachts, the sail area can be split over several masts and many spars and yards. It can be controlled by one person and the square rig allows precise maneuvering under sail.