Royal Huisman lifts veil off motor yacht project Phi

VOLLENHOVE – As Royal Huisman’s project Phi comes alive, “I am convinced only a sailboat builder has the know-how and ambition to execute miracles on a square inch.”

Cor D. Rover, the 58.5m (192ft.) motor yacht designer, says the craft can only be a Royal Huisman product. Why? He says the Dutch maker of big performance sailing yachts has the “watchmaker’s skill” to master down-below spaces.

And why is that important? Because although it is 58.5m long, PHI is the world’s longest sub-500GT category superyacht.

Royal Huisman’s PHI

PHI is definitely not a wedding cake! Royal Huisman’s first images show a fast, displacement aluminum motor yacht resembling a sleek, 1950s Porsche speedster.

It is 58.5m long (Royal Huisman initially called it a 55+m vessel), will be launched in 2021 and is the work of Cor D. Rover and Van Oossanen Naval Architects. They also worked on a “matching shadow vessel” being built in Asia.

To date, Royal Huisman has delivered over 30 low-profile, one-off sailing superyachts, leaving a heritage of know-how of low hulls and expertise to apply it to building motor yachts.

The upper deck is reserved for the owner’s penthouse apartment. The main deck has a stronger connection with the ocean, and the lower deck is physically rooted in the water.

Sporting Van Oossanen’s XL Fast Displacement Hull Form makes PHI extremely fuel-efficient. PHI has lots more exterior and semi-interior entertainment space on the aft deck than conventional designs.

Complementing PHI will be a 36m (118ft) shadow vessel. Royal Huisman calls it a “hard-working sibling.”