Saffier adds a fast 27-footer to its collection

IJMUIDEN – Saffier Yachts has added a new, fast model to its portfolio of world-class luxury daysailers. Why? “Because today people want more and more,” says Saffier Yachts owner Dennis Hennevanger. “And with no heavy lifting”

And that’s what Saffier Yachts delivers.

Its slick Se 27 Leisure comes with a promise of speed, safety and ease of handling. From the spacious cockpit, the helmsman has all lines and 2 winches within easy reach for doing double-digit speeds.

The flat hull, a 2.6m beam and a lead bulb keel provide a high degree of stability. Also, Sapphire has found a new sail supplier in Elvstrom.

Hennevanger was keen to save weight during construction of the Se 27 Leisure. He succeeded in that with a vacuum-built hull and deck and a 4.0kW Torqueedo electric motor with a lithium battery and folding prop. That engine – it comes standard – generates a weight saving of 70% compared to a standard diesel engine.

The daysailer’s sophisticated rigging makes the craft plane effortlessly in broad reaches but it is also fast close-hauled.

“The Se 27 replaces the Se 26 in the Sapphire Elegance line,” says Hennevanger. “The Se 26 has become the Saffier Sc 8m Open making it part of the Saffier Classic series.” The old Se 26, he adds, was too classic for the Se line, and looked out-of-place next to the Se 37 and Se 33. Hence the new Se 27 Leisure now completes the Se line.

Owned by brothers Dennis and Dean Hennevanger, Saffier Yachts oozes an innate understanding of sailing. It makes half a dozen thrilling sailboats _ in classic and elegance versions _ topped by a 37ft. (11.2m) that Yachting world called “a veritable supercar of the sea.”

Saffiers now comprise the Saffier Elegance ( Se) line (with the 23, 27 Leisure, 33 Ultimate daysailer and the 37 Lounge), the Saffier Classic (Sc) line (6.50 Cruise, 8m open and cabin and the 10m cabin.

Saffier Yachts sells scores of yachts annually around the world.

Saffier Se 27 Leisure specs:

Length: 8.20 m (27ft.); Beam: 2.6m (8.5ft.); Draft: 1.4/1.6m (3.3/5.2ft.). Total weight: 1,900kg (4,188lbs); Mast from waterline: 12 m (39ft.). Main sail: 24 m2. Self-tacking jib: 15 m2. Genoa: 18 m2. Gennaker: 66 m2. Code Zero: 51 m2.