IJMUIDEN – Saffier Yachts of the Netherlands says it has delivered 18 of its high-end daysailers in the last 2 months. The deliveries were to clients across Europe and North America. Saffiers’ popularity is best reflected in the yard’s order book: it brims with dozens of yachts.

Saffier makes 8 models of thrilling sailboats _ in classic and elegance versions _ topped by a 37ft. (11.2m) “ultimate daysailer.”


Owner Dennis Hennevanger says his yard does its own deliveries, which can involve a 14-hour car ride and ample red tape at borders. At the delivery point, he says, he “prepares the boat together with the owner and takes the latter out sailing to explain how to best use a Saffier yacht.” In the past 2 months, Saffier Yachts made these deliveries:

  • -Se 33 UD (Newport, USA)
  • -Se 37 Lounge (Toronto, Canada)
  • -Sc 6.5m Cruise (Netherlands)
  • -Sc 6.5m Cruise (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • -Se 33 UD (Baltimore, USA)
  • -Se 23 (Veere, Netherlands)
  • -Sc 8m Open (Berlin, Germany)
  • -Se 23 (Prague, Check Republic)
  • -Sc 6.5m Cruise (Aalsmeer, Netherlands)
  • -Sc 6.5m Cruise (Lymington, Engeland)
  • -Sc 8m Open (Grevelingen, Netherlands)
  • -Sc 8m Cabin (Braassemermeer, Netherlands)
  • -Se 33 UD (Olbia, Sardinia)
  • -Sc 8m Open (Hendaye, France)
  • -Sc 6.5m Cruise (Tholen, Netherlands)
  • -Se 33 UD (Berlin, Germany)
  • -Se 33 UD (La Trinité sur Mer, France)
  • -Se 37 Lounge (Numansdorp, Netherlands)

This year, Saffier Yachts will also deliver 7 Saffier Se 27 Leisure craft of which the yard has 43 on order. The remainder will be delivered in 2021.

Dennis Hennevanger and his brother Dean have been building Saffiers for just over 20 years. Their boats have set a new standard in comfort, sailing qualities. In their salad days – they are now in their 50s _ they spent 8 years sailing, with their parents, on a 56ft (17m.) ketch that their carpenter-father built in Australia. After Hennevanger Sr. had taken his family back to Holland, he worked at a shipbuilder’s and his sons attended a maritime college.

Sometime in the 1990s, Dennis Hennevanger, home from the sea, saw his dad work on a curious private project: an open cockpit keelboat for offshore sailing. Long story short: That boat became the award-winning Saffier 6.50 _ an open cockpit boat with a self-tacking jib and optional code zero up front. From the outset its high-quality construction and materials was a big wow factor.

Saffier Yachts takes part in the Sept. 4-6 Dutch Yachting Weekend in Medemblik, an initiative of Contest Yachts, Jachtwerf Heeg, Admirals Tender and Saffier. These yards will show a range of models. Also taking part are leading yachting sector suppliers.