IJMUIDEN – Saffier Yachts has won the 2022 European Yacht of the Year Award in the ‘Special Yacht’ category for the Saffier Se 33 Life. It was the fourth such award for the Dutch maker of high-end daysailers,

“We are very honored to receive the European Yacht of the Year award,” said Saffier Yachts CEO Dennis Hennevanger. “The jury members who come from all over Europe have tested and sailed hundreds of yachts in their life. To be selected with the Saffier Se 33 Life as a winner for the fourth time by all those jury members is just incredible.”

The jury said Saffier Yachts “keeps improving and improving. Just when you think it’s found the perfect daysailer formula, it adds more and more refinement. It said sailing the SE33 “is an absolute joy.”

Saffier Yachts finds a big echo from the market. It recently moved into bigger quarters where it can build 35 of its high-end, performance daysailers simultaneously to meet soaring demand.

The shipyard launched the latest Saffier Se 33 Life model last September. It sold 18 off the drawing boards and has received more than 46 orders filling delivery slots into 2023.

Jury Chairman Jochen Rieker (Yacht magazine, Germany) said, “Following-up from the previous year’s winner, the SE 27, the 33 … beats the high standards the yard has established. She is not just bigger, but that extra little better. There simply was no other choice than to award the Dutch design again.

“And rightly so: stunning performance, great feel, loads of stability, beautiful lines and an interior that wants you to stay longer than just for a day or so. Simply, absolutely, crazy wow!”

The 12 EYOTY awards jurors are yachting media types, one each from Britain, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Spain, and Switzerland.

They shortlist annual prospects, typically into five categories. Then all jurors trial each yacht to pick winners. The 2022 awards trials were held in La Rochelle, France, and Barcelona, Spain, last fall.

The awards are normally presented at the Duesseldorf Boat Show, but for the second year running, the COVID pandemic led to the cancellation of that event.