Sea Eagle II: 81m, 3 masts, 21 kts, 34 winches, 3,500 sq. m. of sail

AMSTERDAM – Each launch of a Royal Huisman yacht stops you in your tracks, floors you. The yard’s latest, Sea Eagle II, truly takes the cake. At 81m (266ft.), the 3-masted schooner is the world’s largest aluminum sailing yacht. It is due for delivery in July.

Ph: Rondal

Off the boards of Dykstra Naval Architects, the yacht was built – under strict COVID-19 conditions – at Royal Huisman’s soaring facilities in Vollenhove and Amsterdam.

Its delivery will mark another milestone for the company that Jan Huisman founded in 1884 to build wooden work and fishing boats.

A century later, it earned a royal warrant – a mark of quality and the right to supply goods to a royal household. In the Netherlands, they don’t throw those around like confetti. A royal warrant is earned.

Royal Huisman’s largest-ever was commissioned by the owner of the 43m (142ft)  sloop Sea Eagle which Royal Huisman delivered in 2015. “In doing so,” says the yard, “the owner reaffirmed his confidence in the ability of the shipyard to build his ultimate dream-yacht.”

Ph. Priska van der Meulen

Sea Eagle II has an ‘Integrated Sailing System’ made by Royal Huisman unit Rondal. It holds 3 masts and main, mizzen, fore and furling booms, all made of carbon. Each mast is one piece. After carbon fiber laminates are draped across its entire length, the build hall temperature goes up to ‘bake’ the carbon, i.e. melt the laminates into a lightweight, but hard-as-rock material.

Sea Eagle II has Panamax masts, meaning the yacht has a maximum height that can clear the Panama Canal locks and the Bridge of the America’s at the canal’s Pacific Ocean side.

Nearly all board systems – gensets, AC, wastewater treatment, electronics etc. – were tested prior to the launch. In North Sea trials, sailing and propulsion systems were tested and approved.

Ph: Rondal

The trials showed Sea Eagle II’s Rondal carbon rig can generate a top speed of over 21 knots. It holds up more than 3,500 sq. m. (37,674 sq. ft.) of sail which equals 8 NBA basketball courts. The full sail area is controlled by 34 winches, also provided by Rondal. The largest boasts 18 tons (18,000 kg.) of pulling load.

Sea Eagle II underscores Royal Huisman’s promise that “if you can dream it, we can build it.” Royal Huisman is now working several refit projects, including the J-class Hanuman and 3 newbuild projects:

  • a 55m (180ft) motor yacht
  • a 60m (196ft) high-performance sloop w. retractable propulsion, and
  • a 46m (151ft) high-performance cruiser sloop.