Sea rescue group repurposes old suits for online sale

IJMUIDEN – Since 2013, the Royal Netherlands Rescue Society has been selling books, leisure wear,  hats, bags, shawls and gadgets – all bearing its KNRM logo and colors.

The 198-year-old organization has recently added a new product line: ex-rescue suits recycled into backpacks, sports bags, cases for glasses, floating key rings and shopping totes. The ‘Used to Rescue’ line is the newest addition to KNRM’s online Rescue Shop.

Any rescuer’s most important resource has been repurposed into new, unique products. Five for now: from a floating keychain (€11,95) to a KNRM backpack (€147,95) to a KNRM sports bag (€194,95).

Funds from online sales are for the KNRM to raise its name recognition. A Dutch marketing company is responsible for online sales. A KNRM rescuer’s survival suit is made of solid material and lasts about seven years. After that, wear and tear and leaks put it beyond repair.

The number of suits in the Used to Rescue line is limited. About 100 or so suits a year are taken out of service.