Shipwright Ventis invests in 50m spray cabin

ENKHUIZEN _ Ventis, the Dutch shipwright handling carpentry and repair works on wooden boats, has invested in a 50m (164ft.) spray cabin to work on masts and spars for sailing yachts.

Ventis markets these worldwide under the Brasker brand name. It delivers masts, spars, booms, bowsprits and gaffs of up to 40m for sailing dinghies, day sailers, barges up to large seaworthy clippers and schooners as well as megayachts. “We make all the wooden stuff that goes on a boat,” is the Ventis mantra.

The 50m spray cabin can be heated to 60C (140F). The cabin can be divided into 2 25m sections and lets the company work on large spars in temperature-controlled, dust-free conditions. The company says it will also use the spray cabin to work on wooden structures like companionways, deck hatches, interiors, leeboards and wheel houses.

Ventis has a record of investing in innovation. Over the years, that approach has enabled it to deliver ever lighter, stiffer and stronger spars. Ventis’ Brasker masts go on classic wooden racers, especially the meter classes (6mR, 8mR, 12mR and 15mR). Ventis works with native woods or wood grown in sustainable managed forests. /