Showing Feadship design work in lively format – video series

HAARLEM – De Voogt Naval Architects, the design & engineering house of pure custom builder Feadship, is lifting the veil on its work. In an ‘Inside Feadship’ vlog series, it is revealing on social media how De Voogt’s architects, designers and engineers collaborate in making each Feadship a unique yacht.

Done by a first-class yacht builder, an exercise like that can easily derail into high-brow, eye-glazing self-promotion. Happily, Feadship avoids that trap.

Its first video (“How we Design & Engineer Superyachts at Feadship”) brims with informative content presented in a lively, story-telling format that makes Feadship an accessible company. “We plan to make 10 or so videos,” Feadship Marketeer Suzanne de Haan, who anchors the series, tells Dutch Yacht Building. “They’ll touch on different aspects of yacht building such as hull coating, teak decks etc.”

Future videos will be posted online every 2 or 3 weeks. They are shot in Dutch with English subtitles. “One goal is to attract competent workers that we can train further at Feadship. Creating an able workforce is always necessary,” says De Haan. “Secondly, we also want to boost Feadship’s name recognition in the Netherlands.” The company’s client based is just about 100% foreign.

The Inside Feadship videos show technical, design and other hoops Feadship staffers jump through to build a pure custom superyacht _ from initial sketches to its launch 3 years later.

Interestingly, it shows a “CD session” _ jargon for concurrent design in which 20 De Voogt staffers from different disciplines double-check if the riot of multicolored pipes, wires and hoses on a 3D yacht image in front of them, all go to the right decks and the right technical spaces, guest and crew cabins, hallways, salons, entertainment areas, swimming pools, tender garages and what not.

Studio De Voogt is Feadship’s creative design heart. “We are the only large yacht builder with its own design studio,” says Tanno Weeda, senior designer at Studio De Voogt. “Our lines with all disciplines are very short.”

With roots dating to 1849, Feadship is a global leader in pure custom building. The name stands for ‘First Export Association of Dutch SHIPbuilders,’ an alliance of 6 yards and De Voogt, founded in 1949 to work the US market. Today, there are 3 parties in Feadship: 2 original yards _ Van Lent (1849) and De Vries (1906) and De Voogt (1913). Feadship will soon open a 4th yard, in the Port of Amsterdam.

And why would anyone want to work at Feadship? “Because,” says Weeda in the maiden video, “it is the most fun job in the world!”