Spring into the new boating season with VETUS

SCHIEDAM – In the northern hemisphere, days are lengthening. Time to get boats shipshape. Whether your passion is offshore cruising, day sailing, fishing or watersports.

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After 55 years of developing and making boat systems, VETUS’s portfolio offers freedom after a tough year and protection against surprise gear failures. Here is its checklist – and some tips – before you cast off:

  • Change the engine oil
  • Change the gearbox oil (TIP Dirt, humidity impact the gearbox functioning. Use new oil annually).
  • Check the coolant level
  • Check for leaks in the cooling system
  • Check the V-belt tension
  • Replace the impeller
  • Check the propeller shaft for leaks
  • Replace the oil and fuel filters
  • Check if the battery poles have been correctly reconnected
  • Check if the batteries have the correct voltage (TIP: use of a float charger during winter storage.)
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Check all electrical equipment
  • Check tanks for leakages
  • Check valves for leaks and functionality
  • Check and clean water strainer (TIP: Use a cooling water strainer with a transparent cover for easy inspection of the filter without dismantling).

Boat care covers batteries, too. As a general rule, a battery lasts 6 to 8 years. Its lifespan is expressed in charge cycles, which in turn depends on the percentage of discharge. Not discharging too deeply and recharging in time extends a battery’s lifespan. This keeps the cyclical load as low as possible.

Remember: a battery has a self-discharge of up to about 3%. When not used, it’ll also slowly deflate. That’s why you should recharge your battery right after using it if you want to make it last longer.