STEENWIJK – What a year this is! Steeler Yachts marks its 10th anniversary and has just expanded its yard for the 3rd time. Two facts that attest to owner Hans Webbink’s talent to read the market right for high-end, customized motor yachts.

In the past decade, he built 101 yachts. And in the yard’s jubilee year – amid a debilitating COVID-19 pandemic! – he has 21 yachts in build, including a Vripack-designed, 18m electric yacht for a Norwegian client.

Steeler Yacht’s 1st decade saw the launch of remarkably successful yachts. And no fewer than 5 nominations for European Powerboat of the Year (EPY) awards. It won 3  times.

The yard’s inaugural model in 2010 was the NG50, a steel-hulled semi-glider of which 2 were sold. Later, models were the NG40 and 43. In 2011, the yard launched the Bronson 36, an extravagant, luxurious tender.



An eye-catching innovation was a single-level, bow-to-stern ground floor living space. In 2012 – only 2 years after its founding – Steeler Yachts’ Panorama FlatFloor (FF) netted the yard its 1st EPY award.

In 2013, it won again, for its aluminum NG43Offshore, a planing motor yacht that sipped only 4.3 l/nm while going 23 knots.

Next came the S-line, featuring a patented underwater hull and steep bow. The aluminum 52S Performance, shown at Cannes in 2017, was a 21-ton, twin-prop vessel capable of 37 knots. Interesting feature: its superstructure doesn’t have a large open roof; the entire roof can be raised.

65s wheel-chair accessible Li-Janne

S-Line craft are highly customized and none more so than the 65S ‘Li-Janne.’ The wheelchair-accessible yacht has a lift down to a cabin equipped to accommodate the owners’ disabled daughter. In 2019, that unique design earned Steeler Yachts its 3rd EPY award.

Steeler Yachts may have 21 boats in build, it has not been ignored by the coronavirus pandemic. It reports having had delays in the supply of components from abroad.

Webbink sees blue skies ahead for boating. “Sailing means getting away from crowds and go to new destinations. This has always been the main reason why people buy a motor yacht. The current crisis is just another incentive to do that. We want to turn every motor yacht into a custom-made masterpiece. That’s the mission for the next 10 years and beyond.”