Suddenly, fair winds & following seas for Dynarig

By Robert Wielaard

AMSTERDAM _ Fortune is smiling on the DynaRig after all. At the 2019 Monaco Yacht Show, the Amsterdam-based Dykstra Naval Architects studio – designer of that massive, futuristic fishbone rig on unstayed masts – created a joint venture with Italian builder Perini Navi and British composite technology specialist Magma Structures.

Maltese Falcon

Called Falcon Rig – a nod to the 88m (289ft.) Maltese Falcon, the first yacht bearing a DynaRig – the joint venture will optimize and manufacture DynaRig yachts. And you can expect a goodly number of them in the years ahead. Dykstra Naval Architects Managing Director Thijs Nikkels tells, “Within the next 10 years, we may well see as many as 10 DynaRig yachts.”

DynaRigged yachts capture the zeitgeist of the climate change age. They are easy-to-sail, environment-friendly, push-button craft. Its sails are furled into the mast and can be set by one person in a matter of minutes.

Perini Navi launched The Maltese Falcon in 2006, far ahead of its time as it turned out for it took 12 more years for Nr. 2 to appear. Oceanco of the Netherlands launched the 106.7m (350ft) Black Pearl in 2018. And currently, Royal Huisman and Dykstra Naval Architects are jointly developing Project Lotus, an 88m (289ft.) DynaRig super sailing yacht and its 70m (230ft) support vessel.

Black Pearl

“Our passion for sailing innovation has led us to be involved with some of the most exciting sailing yachts afloat,” says Nikkels. “Bringing our expertise to the new Falcon Rig collaboration, we hope to pave the way for sailing yachts to be sailed easier, more often and safer. We wish to inspire a new generation of superyacht owners”.

There is ample room for more advanced DynaRigs. Black Pearl’s carbon fiber masts are bigger, better, stronger and rotate faster than those on the Maltese Falcon. It has the same sailing controls, but smarter software. Black Pearl’s sails can be set in 7 minutes.

Also, the Maltese Falcon was built on an existing hull. Black Pearl was designed by Dykstra from the hull up and in sea trials achieved 21 knots, much faster than the Maltese Falcon,
Importantly, a DynaRig yacht offers flexibility in propulsion – sail, full diesel or diesel-electric — and can also generate electricity by dragging a variable pitch propeller through the water.