GORINCHEM _ In 2003, in a rental car and armed with a laptop and cellphone, Timo Dam trekked past ports on France’s Mediterranean coast. He asked superyacht crews what supplies they needed. Lots, it turned out. So, Dam began a company that stock yachts with stuff that goes missing or kaput. Or is a new must-have item.

His SuperYacht Spares now employs 18 people to supply 400+ superyachts with anything from coffee machines to soap to engine parts. The worldwide yacht supplier maintains a spare parts catalog for every single yacht. And as the world’s superyacht fleet grows (an estimated 10,000, growing by 150 a year) so does Dam’s company. He expects to double its size by 2021 and is looking for sales staff.

SuperYacht Spares stocks 20,000 to 30.000 items for yachts in build and at sea. They cover each superyacht department: bridge, deck, engine room, interior, galley and office. SuperYacht Spares handles VAT-exempt supplies for new yachts and outsources spare parts and service supplies to yards.

With Dutch builders Oceanco and Amels, Dam signed supply contracts since 2007. “When a yacht is built is the best moment to start up a database covering everything that is and will be installed and/or supplied,” Dam tells this newsletter. “We supply 10 to 20 new build projects a year. Every month, we add 2,500 new items to our stocks. Stuff like fitness room gear, tenders, watersports, toys, water scooters etc.”

SuperYacht Spares sends clients invoices that enter their bookkeeping seamlessly. Clients can also check the status of their orders. Dam works with yards in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands. And with 3 yards elsewhere that he cannot name.

His storage space brims with coffee machines, paddles, engine spares, cleaning materials, tools, cosmetics etc. etc. Incoming items are checked, labeled, repackaged and made ready for shipping. SuperYacht Spares enters every single item in a yacht’s database. For engine and other spare parts, it also lists shipyard codes, so owners and managers can access the right yard drawings and documents.

For yards, SuperYachts Spares offers a 24/7 logistics and after-sales outsourcing service. Its purchasing power and vast database enable it to service yachts worldwide quickly.

SuperYacht Spares packaging lists no yacht names. As Dam’s company is the buyer, the manufacturer of stock items does not know the end-user. Question of discretion, says Dam. But also, spares can lie in storage aboard a yacht for years. During that time, a vessel can change both owner and name. Supplies for Oceanco and Amels yachts, list the names of the two yards.

Crews do not handle SuperYacht Spares pallets. “We make sure all items go where they are supposed to go on a yacht,” says Dam. “The labels show the location and precise storage site. In a cabin, for instance, it may say, ‘left cupboard, bottom drawer.’ For a new yacht’s engine room, we provide tool boxes whose content has been agreed ahead of time. A 55m. yacht has on average 40 such standardized plastic crates for spare parts.”

SuperYachtSpares works only on yachts of 55m and longer. Yachts under 55m are less complex which makes SuperYacht Spares a less interesting option for owners. “Big superyachts are floating resorts with a large crew and a hierarchy of departments: galley, engine room, office, wheelhouse, deck, spa, fitness area etc”. One exception to Dam’s  only-yachts rule is a Seychelles resort. “Guests there are shuttled around in small boats, so it is handy for supplies to be delivered in a structured manner,” says Dam. The resort’s owner is a superyacht owner happy with SuperYacht Spares service.

Dam foresees healthy growth. “Annually,” he says, “we handle 15 to 20 new build projects.” Superyachts’ growth in numbers and size means more inventories. And that, in turn, requires a more extensive and sophisticated administration.