SuperYacht Times: 60-80m yachts shine in lackluster market

AMSTERDAM – The global superyacht market – new and pre-owned – was a sluggish one in 2019 compared to 2018, except for trade in 60-80m (197-263ft.) yachts, SuperYacht Times reports.

It says while the overall market was down from the previous year, 2019 saw sales of 18 new yachts in the 60-80m bracket – up from 11 in 2018.

Amsterdam-based SYT monitors superyacht markets and data. It defines superyachts as sail or motor yachts of 30m and up, of which there are today some 5,080 worldwide. Of these, 273 populate the 60-80m bracket. That’s only 5%, but in GT terms that share rises to 17%.

SYT says the 60-80m length was very popular in the past decade. In 2009, these yachts accounted for only 7% of all speculation building projects, i.e. with not a buyer in sight yet. Today, they account for 33%.

Dutch yards are the most prolific 60-80m builders. Of the 273 such vessels afloat today, 80 (29%) were built in the Netherlands. Next are Italy (23%) and Germany (17%), according to SYT data.

74m Amels Limited Edition

Key Dutch 60-80m brands are Amels (Limited Edition yachts) and its owner, Damen Shipyards, maker of yacht support vessels.

In 2019, says SYT, 18 yachts were built in the 60-80m bracket. Right now, says SYT, 58 yachts of 60-80m are under construction. They will be delivered over the next 4 years.