De accumulator tank Expat075 kan in krappe ruimtes worden gemonteerd.

SCHIEDAM _ VETUS has introduced an addition to its line-up of pressurized water systems. Its EXPAT075 is made from high-grade polyamide. It is a compact small-capacity accumulator equipped with a rubber membrane to provide a constant flow in a vessel’s water circuit.

The pressure in the accumulator prevents the water pump motor from being started each time a supply of water is required.

The system is suitable for drinking water and connecting it is easy for there is no preferred IN or OUT connection on this accumulator.

The EXPAT075 ensures a constant water flow, saves energy and minimizes noise. The accumulator is set to a pre-charge pressure of 0,7 bar, but can be adjusted to optimal settings for your fresh water system (to a maximum of 8,5 bar). Overall dimensions are 223 x 194 x 114 mm. The accumulator comes with 2 angled and 2 straight 13mm hose pillars. The EXPAT075 weighs only 0.36 kg