Vanquish VQ54

SCHEVENINGEN – Its work in technical design and naval architecture across a range of projects and materials, have made Studio Delta a major yacht building factor. How did that happen? “What’s key,” says Studio Delta owner Menno Van Dijk “is a good first meeting with a client. Something needs to click between a client and your approach to a pr0oject.”

Menno van Dijk

Studio Delta makes design packages, the technical content of a yacht design. So that yards know they can safely build what a designer has drawn. It calculates hull shapes based on such factors as resistance, propulsion, weight and stability. Its technical designs respect flag state requirements.

Studio Delta’s growing client base includes builders of Damarin, Vanquish Yachts, Steeler Yachts, Long Island Yachts, Nordic Star and superyacht makers.

Steeler 61S

“Menno contributes actively to the development of our yachts,” says Steeler Yachts owner Hans Webbink. “In only 2 years, Studio Delta has already worked on 4 of our models. Menno is very solution-oriented in helping us integrate the innovations our clients opt for.”

Steeler will soon launch a 61ft yacht for which Studio Delta did the naval architecture. Steeler asked for an aluminum hull as the owner wants to store 8,000 liters of fuel for long-range cruising. This year, KM Yachtbuilders unveiled a 53ft (16.2m) motor yacht for which Studio Delta provided naval architecture.

For Vanquish Yachts, Van Dijk worked on a 32ft (9.8m.) custom-built super yacht tender, adapted to the dimensions and possibilities of a 62m (203.4ft) motor yacht.

Vanquish Yachts achieve speeds of 40 knots and more, courtesy of a strong aluminum construction. Van Dijk: “That required us to closely monitor the strength/weight balance of the yachts. And to guarantee a coherent design with no sudden stops in materials that only create tension peaks.”

Vanquish VQ54

“A Vanquish yacht must go fast and be stable so everybody onboard travels in comfort,” says Vanquish Yachts Marketing Director Tijl Hetterschijt. “Studio Delta’s underwater design does that really well. Also, Vanquish Yachts are exceptionally dry. People can sit on the bow or anywhere else and they won’t get wet. Not even if you take a 2m wave at 30 knots/hr. or more. This is what we asked of Studio Delta. They gave us a perfect below-the-water hull.”

Van Dijk’s choice of hull material depends on the vessel type. He can make a lightweight design that benefits speed and saves material cost. But if production costs exceed the budget, Studio Delta uses its experience to make a sound choice.
“Recently we designed a composite hull for a large displacement yacht,” says Van Dijk. “Damage to a composite hull need not be repaired as quickly as a damaged steel hull. The purpose of a yacht is also a factor. Explorer yachts operate in more challenging conditions than yachts in the Med and that determines the choice of material.”

Peeking far over the horizon, Van Dijk wonders about building materials made of plastic trash or waste. “To me that’s a purely technical and ecological question. Of course, the properties of such material – distortion and cohesion, for instance – are crucial!”