Thermal-insulating coatings – A technology that saves money, time, space

WORMERVEER sept 2017 ~ On-board thermal insulation can be problematic, says Rob van Hoorn, chief technology officer at nC Marine, an organization active in nano and surface technologies. Glass wool insulates well, but has no anti-corrosion properties. Same with polystyrene. You can buy sound-proof, thermal-insulating foams, but they are pricey and not anti-corrosive.

High-performance insulating coatings offer a good alternative. These micro-sized materials with a nano-sized internal architecture inhibit heat transfer. Because these coatings can enter the intermolecular structure of steel and synthetics, they bond with the surface.

Here are 5 reasons to use it on a boat:

  • Thermal insulating coatings can be applied to pipes and lines, even hard-to-reach tubes, where they deliver 10% to 25% reduction in energy costs.
  • 10 coats can reduce line temperatures from 150C to 66C. And on steam and water cooling pipes to well under the 47C level where skin burns start to develop. Thermal insulating coatings enhance engine room safety.
  • Bumping against wider-than-expected line or tube cladding can damage the cladding and the tubes. Thermal insulating coatings save space.
  • Micro and nanoparticles like Hydro-NM-Oxide, build a matrix into metal surfaces keeping out water, oxygen, enzymes, acids and other corrosion suspects. The chemical resistance of some of thermal insulating coatings increase anti-corrosive properties.
  • Stripping down cladding or glass wool insulation is messy, expensive work. Thermal insulating coatings, especially translucent ones, enable us to keep an eye on what is going on with the systems.
  • Thermal insulating coatings can be applied as paint. Do they put conventional cladding and glass wool out of business? No. Thermal insulating coatings do not reduce sound or work in temperatures over 204C. Still, when you are thinking of improving on safety and functionality in your engine room, nanotechnology might be part of your solution

Corporate snapshot

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