HAZERSWOUDE-DORP _ Makore. Sapeli. Aucoumea. Kosipo. Zebrana. Afzelia. The list goes on and on. There are, in fact, 100 or so more reasons to see Gregor Wijkamp if you make yachts, cars or interior designs.

Gregor Wijkamp

The roots of his company, Styn Marine Plywood BV, date back to 1929. It makes veneered sandwich panels from scores of types of wood. Wijkamp says he caters to “clients with very specific demands for paneling.” His veneered sandwich panels can be light-weight, soundproof, fire or moisture retardant and cut to any size.

He manufactures panels around hardwood frames or medium-density fiberboard. Depending on a panel’s function, he may fill it with Nomex, a flame-resistant material, foam, balsa wood, an aluminum honeycomb grid or even recycled rubber.

Wijkamp uses sophisticated machinery to saw, mill, drill, glue and coat veneer. Still, the job requires a human touch and expertise. Sheets of veneer are cut to size, then glued and judged for their color and grain.

No cutting corners here

“We always need to know what the client will use the veneer paneling for,” says Wijkamp. “Will it be very visible? Then it must be of the highest quality. If it is going to be a back wall, we only need to make sure the wood has no visible flaws.”

Coatings – “We use no solvents!” says Wijkamp – are not sprayed on, but pressed on by a rolling machine to secure even distribution and thickness. The coating is then UV-dried and, if need be, sanded.

Wijkamp runs a clean, green business. His forklifts are electric. He uses LED lighting. Production waste heats his factory and offices. Or it is turned into wooden pallets.

Wijkamp also markets solid hardwoods, including Asian teak, in accordance with EU and international legislation against illegal logging. “We have our own independent surveyor (in Myanmar) who checks on each numbered tree, right through the auction, milling and transport.”