‘Top segment upholsterer’ CoverWorks premiers at Monaco

WARMOND – CoverWorks will exhibit at the Monaco Yacht Show for the first time this year to raise brand awareness and show designers what’s hot in marine upholstering.

“We position ourselves as ‘top segment upholsterers,” says CoverWorks Director Gerhard van Geest. “We just completed 6, 40ft tenders, have orders for 6 more and are are hired as their mother ships’’ upholsterers. That’s cool! It means we can expect repeat orders.”

CoverWorks cushions

Van Geest began CoverWorks on a modest scale, initially focusing on spray covers but gradually producing a wide range of hoods, covers, Bimini’s, tarps, flexible windows and upholstery. Partner Jeroen van Leeuwen joined and the upholstery became increasingly exclusive. The company has a 30-strong staff and only A-list clients.

“We distinguish ourselves more and more on quality, not price,” says Van Geest. “That is a deliberate choice. We constantly raise our quality norm and have created a superyacht division where our best craftsmen work on large projects.”

Early on, CoverWorks invested in 3D computer modeling technology and digital measuring. Van Leeuwen: “We have now also added a quilting machine that can apply all sorts of patterns to a fabric. This is already done in the upholstery of luxury vehicles.”

Coverworks cushions

Van Geest says designers “must know that much more is possible in this area than they are used to. It is one of our goals at Monaco to bring this to public attention.” CoverWorks will share a MYS stand Amsterdam-based Vyva Fabrics, a wholesaler of furniture, project and outdoor fabrics.

CoverWorks has struck a collaboration with Studio Bouwmeester of Huizen, NL that is designed to bring the company into the yacht design phase as early as possible.