Torqeedo, WhisperPower join forces

DRACHTEN _ Germany’s Torqeedo, global market leader in electric boating, and WhisperPower of the Netherlands have jointly developed a 25kW range extender for Torqeedo’s Deep Blue electric propulsion system for serial production. The 350V DC converter generator boasts a Mitsubishi S4Q2 four-cylinder diesel engine with crankshaft starting.

WhisperPower, the Dutch specialist in compact and ultra- silent variable speed generators, says the range extender’s variable frequency operation eliminates the fixed ratio between power, voltage output and rotational speed. It produces all required combinations of power and voltage on demand, allowing the engine to run at its most efficient operating point, minimizing fuel consumption, noise, vibration and exhaust.

In Deep Blue Hybrid, the range extender is part of an advanced feature set which offers convenience, luxury and autonomy on board. Deep Blue electric motors are powered from sustainable sources. When long-range motoring is required, the generator is controlled automatically by the Advanced Hybrid Control System and ensures worry-free backup power.

“The product synergy is perfect.” Says Torqeedo CEO Christoph Ballin of his collaboration with WhisperPower. The latter’s CEO, Roel ter Heide, adds, “As electric propulsion systems become more powerful, a backup or auxiliary power system is becoming more and more relevant.” /