BREDA –– U-Boat Worx, the Dutch maker of superyacht submersibles, has released the interior design for its Nautilus superyacht sub, created in partnership with the Milan design studio Officina Amare.

The Nautilus is a 37.5m (123ft) luxury sub that can dive to a depth of 150m (500ft) and has a range of 3,200 Nm. It boasts a large sundeck, freshwater pool, bar, and large lounge area.

The interior includes a stateroom, four guest rooms, sleeping quarters for up to seven crew members, and a fully equipped galley. The company unveiled the Nautilus at the 2022 Monaco Yacht Show. U-Boat Worx is the world’s largest maker of submersibles for sectors such as private diving, research, filmmaking, and superyacht.

U-Boat Worx developed the idea for an underwater superyacht in brainstorming with a potential client interested in U-Boat Worx’s Underwater Entertainment Platform. The UWEP has 150 sq.m (1,6154 sq. ft) of “configurable deck space” for events of up to 125 people.

Nautilus superyacht sub
Nautilus superyacht sub

U-Boat Worx can provide enough air, volume and weight for the craft to host an underwater event of up to 24 hours. The UWEP discussions led U-Boat Worx to its Nautilus project. The UWEP is meant for such sectors as hotels, casinos, cruise liners etc.

U-Boat Worx makes 22 models, including a 3-person Super Yacht Sub, a 5-person full-custom Super Sub and a 5-person Cruise Sub for cruise liners. In 2020, the company began serial production of the NEMO, its smallest manned sub (110 x 92 x 61 in / 2.8 x 2.3 x 1.5m) for one or two people.

“Thanks to our series production approach, U-Boat Worx boasts a selection of our most successful models with rapid delivery times,” says Marketing Manager Roy Heydra. “This allows our clients to obtain top-quality, dependable, and cutting-edge designs at unparalleled prices with faster delivery times.”

U-Boat Worx can deliver in September 2023 a Cruise Sub 7 that can dive to 300m. In April, May and June of 2024, it can deliver a Super Yacht Sub 3, a C-Researcher 3 and a Super Sub. All can dive to 300m (984ft), except the Researcher, which can go down to 1,140m (3,740ft).